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art & illustration

ST_GEORGE 2_lowres.jpg

I was commissioned by Blueprint Arts to create one of their Creative Exchange postcard designs for their immersive event ‘Tales of a Lost World’. Inspired by famous folklore around the world, I was charged with bringing the Latin American tale of San Jorge y el dragon to life.



A fearsome dragon laid siege to a kingdom who were forced to offer human sacrifices in order to placate the monster’s demands. The desperate citizens sent their own princess as a sacrifice, but the exchange was thwarted by the arrival of San Jorge, who killed the dragon with a throw of his lance. As the dragon lay dying, from it’s blood sprouted a rosebush, of which San Jorge plucked a fresh rose to give to the princess, also cementing the tradition of offering a red rose to the object of your affection. 


san jorge y el dragon

masklines 12lowres.jpeg

I have long been fascinated with Japanese art and the intricacies of it's culture and mythology. 


My koi illustrations were my first leap into combining oriental themes with my ink and bleach techniques. They have been a constant companion as I've navigated through new practices and developed new ideas, becoming a repetitive motif in my work, whether they are endlessly swimming their murky ponds, broken apart and sealed together with gold, stitched onto the back of a kimono or carrying warriors in defence of it’s waters.


koi pond


Most of my architecture illustrations have been to accompany my blog posts on Brutalist architecture in London, including the Barbican estate in the heart of the city. 


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